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USDMXN H1 (04-03-2019)


USDMXN H1 USDMXN resistance at 19.22801 seems to be holding well and heading to NFP this week. failure to break to the upside might be an invitation to bears to pile in. The price action suggest a change of structure in April. There is a possible Head & Shoulders Pattern forming on H1. [...]

USDMXN H1 (04-03-2019)2019-04-03T14:49:46+00:00

USDCAD M30 (04-01-2019)


USDCAD M30 USDCAD Has failed to break and hold above the key 1.3600 level. Resistance at 1.3440 has proven to have heavy sellers and in the daily, H4 and M30 the price action has formed a possible double top at an area of interest. See chart below. The price action shows a near [...]

USDCAD M30 (04-01-2019)2019-04-01T14:11:28+00:00

CADCHF D1 (03-28-2019)


CADCHF D1 CADCHF has been signaling further  bearish movement pushing us to identify optmial short entry points. Since failing to break 0.76249 it formed a pin bar and bearish engulfing candle on weekly chart. See below. The structure shows the possibility to complete the bearish move onto the 0.72 area. There is a [...]

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DAX H4 (03-27-2019)


DAX H4 The DAX shows a possible mirror image on weekly timeframe. The price action has formed a possible Head & Shoulders pattern and has now broken the neckline at 115.50 which looks to be holding. Looking at the H4 chart the price has formed a possible double top at the area of [...]

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USDJPY H1 (03-26-2019)


USDJPY H1 USDJPY price action has proven to respect 109.9 support level and we expect that to continue. The price has formed a morning star on the daily timeframe followed by possible bullish engulfing candle which has been a reliable reversal signal for the pair. We recommend long positions on a pullback with [...]

USDJPY H1 (03-26-2019)2019-03-26T20:54:24+00:00

EURNZD Target Reached (2-22-2019)


EURNZD Target Reached Our recent Chart Alert regarding EURNZD has reached it's initial target of 1.6725. Please see the two attached charts.

EURNZD Target Reached (2-22-2019)2019-02-23T00:36:21+00:00

Herds are Forming


Herds are Forming In late August 2018, Jim Rogers gave a rare speech at the San Francisco Money Show. The speech immediately caught my attenttion, in large part due to how bullish Rogers was at that time and remains bullish on the US Dollar.  In roughly the six months since that speech, EUR/USD [...]

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AUDCHF H4 (02-22-2019)


AUDCHF H4 AUDCHF has broken through to the downside the ascending channel on the H4 chart and looks to sustain that move, closing the week out below .7150. See chart. Initial take profit target of .7100 where there is solid support on the weekly and daily charts. Take the trade at your own [...]

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Take a Wagering Lesson from Jeopardy Contestants


Take a Wagering Lesson from Jeopardy Contestants Trading can be an emotional venture. Day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute. Position sizing and the timing of position taking is often where we see these emotions rear their ugly heads. While taking risk in the market can sometimes feel isolating, [...]

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